New Partner Requirements

Distribution partners must agree to all items below before beginning development. Note: Any exceptions must be discussed with your Partner Manager & Sales Engineer and approved by Outbrain in advance.

  1. New client websites/applications must be submitted for Outbrain’s approval before beginning development and before widgets go live. Partner must provide Outbrain with a demo/testing environment at least 5 business days before planned launch date.

  2. Only one Outbrain technology can be used with the same page or app — e.g. Outbrain SDK and Server-Side API cannot be used within the same app.

  3. Clicks can only be registered when the user has clicked/pressed on a recommendation. The user should be passed directly to the Outbrain redirect URL. There can be no additional landing page, load time, or effects that cause substantial delays in the user flow.

  4. Outbrain recommendations cannot be prefetched. All recommendations in the Outbrain response must be displayed within 2 hours.

  5. The reportServed event must be fired when recommendations are rendered on the user device.

  6. Outbrain recommendations cannot be displayed for longer than 6 hours. If the user is inactive, the recommendation should be removed from the page (not refreshed.)

  7. Any automatic refreshing of the Outbrain widget/recommendations must be approved in advance by your Partner Manager/Sales Engineer.

  8. All instructions in the developer guide(s) must be followed, unless noted as optional. This includes:

    • Send unique user identifier in Outbrain request
      • Exception: JS widget on regular web where cookies are supported
    • Send client IP and user agent in Outbrain request header
    • Support user opt-out and any industry updates, including:
    • CMP consent for apps
    • (Mobile apps only) Support Google and Apple privacy policy
  9. Display ad title, advertiser name and ad image with no alteration
  10. Display ‘Sponsored’ labeling
  11. Support AdChoices on the recommendation level, if applicable
  12. [Best practice] Support viewability events

Integration Basics

There are a few things to keep in mind when integrating with Outbrain:

• All pieces of content are identified with a URL / permalink. The Outbrain service identifies all discrete pieces of content with a URL.

• All content must be crawlable before it can be recommended. The Outbrain service will automatically crawl the URLs provided by the widgets to automatically keep the index of potential content recommendations current.

• Any container displaying Outbrain recommendations must be labeled with a header that is mutually agreed upon between the client and Outbrain.

Outbrain Branding/Disclosures and privacy policy must be displayed where it can be reasonably associated with relevant content as mutually agreed upon between the client and Outbrain.

• Mobile app integrations must follow Outbrain compliance guidelines. Approval from Outbrain QA is required before launch.