The disclosure of recommendations generated by Outbrain is required in order to ensure users are aware that they are using a 3rd party service. Disclosing that Outbrain has recommended links to a user, presenting an opportunity for the user to review the Outbrain Privacy Policy and providing an opportunity to Opt Out of Outbrain tracking devices, such as “cookies”, is required by all Outbrain contractual agreements. This guide is for JS API integration only, Endpoint API integration should follow the instructions on its documentations.

Logo and Privacy Policy Link


It can use either Outbrain, AdChices icon or your own logo as a disclosure and it must have a clickable link to Privacy Policy URL for Opt-Out.

Logo Type Resource URL Link URL
Outbrain Logo
AdChoices Icon
Your Own Logo N/A Link to your company’s Privacy Policy which includes a link to our Privacy Policy

Mobile Apps

It requires to pass Advertising Id. Please contact your Partner Manager