Outbrain supports iOS and Android Native SDKs for Mobile App developers.

Please Note

Mobile Apps should use Outbrain Native SDKs.

If your Mobile App is using a different Outbrain technology, please consult with your account manager regarding the best upgrade path.

  • Please review Outbrain Mobile App Compliance Requirements before you start to develop your mobile app: Mobile App Compliance Requirements

    Mobile Apps Native SDKs (iOS and Android)

    Applicable for

    • Mobile Apps


    • The Native SDKs for iOS and Android provide a standard way to consume Outbrain recommendations data via Native SDK calls.
    • The developer is responsible for building the UI elements.



        Native SDK

    Technology Skills Needed Android/iOS development experience
    Am I responsible for reporting and handling clicks? Yes
    Does Outbrain have sample apps? Sure, ask your Account Manager for links
    Does Outbrain provide code examples? Sure, ask your Account Manager for links

    Does Outbrain provide the UI? No, the developer needs to build the UI
    Can I run UI A/B tests? No
    What type of UI experiences are supported? It’s up to the developer in compliance with the Outbrain contract. Outbrain provides various code examples for different UIs: Footer, Slider, TopBox, Drawer
    Do I need to add Outbrain labeling and a link to the Outbrain privacy policy? Yes

    Do I need to support user opt-out? No, the SDK is supporting the device opt-out option.
    Do I need to pass some kind of user identification? No, the SDK is handling this for your app.