Partner On-boarding process:

  • Kickoff Call (inclusive of OB, client + dev resources if needed) – RESPONSIBILITY: JOINT
  • OB to outline necessary documentation – RESPONSIBILITY: OB
  • OB to also outline QA requirements – RESPONSIBILITY: OB
  • Partner to review QA checklist and flag any limitations/concerns RESPONSIBILITY:PARTNER
  • Partner to supply all necessary websites/sources that OB code will live on – RESPONSIBILITY: PARTNER
  • Outbrain to configure widget IDs + sources – RESPONSIBILITY: OB
  • Partners to fill out pre-integration document – RESPONSIBILITY: PARTNER – SLA 1 day (
  • Partners to build out integration following OB documentation – RESPONSIBILITY: PARTNER – SLA 1 week
  • Partner to follow up with test build
  • Outbrain to receive test build and submit to QA for full review – RESPONSIBILITY: OB – SLA 1 week
  • Please bake in an additional 2 days for re-QA if a new build is supplied based on feedback

QA Checklist