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iOS SDK Release Notes

Sample Apps (source code examples)

Source code download link (4.5.0)

SDK Download

OutbrainSDK.xcframework (4.5.0) download link


pod 'OutbrainSDK', '4.5.0'


SDK Documentation

Android SDK Developer Guide

Android SDK Platform Endpoint Integration

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Android SDK Release Notes

Sample Apps (source code examples)

Catalog Smartfeed source code download link (4.3.1)

Journal source code download link (4.3.1)

SDK Integration

Note: Starting version >= 4.0.0 the SDK is build with Android API 29 with AndroidX support. Please make sure to update any related files in your app to match AndroidX support.

In the project build.gradle file the following entry:

buildscript {
     repositories {
        maven {
            url ''
            credentials { username 'jp_3ef58ev0hibu33n4vketqf1kig' }

In the app module’s build.gradle file –> under “dependencies” –> add the line:

implementation 'com.github.outbrain:android-sdk:4.3.1'


Outbrain SDK requires permission to access the internet:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />