In-App JS-Widget Parameters
Navigate to Paid Recommendations

Please Note

1.In-App JS-Widget technology is deprecated. Please consult with your Account Manager regarding upgrading your app to use SDK technology.

2. Following the developer guide instructions is mandatory to ensure app compliance.

3. Please make sure to follow the entire guide before submitting your app to Outbrain QA.

Mobile apps specific JS-Widget parameters

It is mandatory to pass the following mobile apps specific parameters when using Outbrain JS-Widget in mobile applications:

data-ob-installation-type, data-ob-user-id, data-ob-app-ver, data-ob-installation-key


<div class="OUTBRAIN" data-src="http://DROP_PERMALINK_HERE"


Installation Type

Add the following attribute to the div code:

data-ob-installation-type ="app_js_widget"

Application version

Add the application version to the div code


Partner Key

Add the partner key that you received from your account manager


Google/Apple Advertising ID

It is mandatory to pass the Google or Apple Advertising ID for Outbrain installations in mobile apps, according to Google and Apple guidelines and developer agreements.

In compliance with Google and Apple guidelines, if the user is opted out of ad tracking, please pass the value “null” (case sensitive) – see examples below.
This should be tested before submitting your app to Outbrain QA.

The data-ob-user-id attribute should be added to the Outbrain div.


In case the user is opted-out:



Navigate to Paid Recommendations

Use SFSafariViewController(iOS)/ChromeCustomTab(Android) or Safari/Chrome browsers for all paid recommendations.

Please make sure to open the paid recommendation via Outbrain redirect URL ( without any URL manipulation.

Optional parameter for HTTPS support

In case your app needs to support HTTPS calls to Outbrain’s back end, please add to the div code: