QA Checklist
Here are the things Outbrain QA is going to check that you can confirm before sending:


  • Confirm you are displaying these on the widget:
  • Paid header label is displayed
  • The source is displayed
    • Ad links

  • There’s no 3rd party redirect (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Links don’t open in a custom web view
    • The request

  • Confirm request includes correct and necessary params:
  • The permalink is a domain listed in your Outbrain spreadsheet
  • The api key is the unique one received from Outbrain
  • Location is sent if you are not sending the user IP
  • User agent is correct and x-forwarded-for value is the client IP
  • When sending a permalink with https, the secured parameter is sent
  • T param is sent if there’s more than one widget on the same page
    • Opt outs

  • Confirm opt outs are properly supported
  • When the user opts out on the device, the api_user_id is NULL
  • Client supporting internal opt out and linking to Outbrain privacy policy OR Outbrain logo is displayed and Outbrain opt out is supported
  • For Outbrain opt out:
  • Outbrain logo is displayed
  • UID is passed when logo is clicked:
  • From, click on Interest Profile. UID should be passed and will be NULL if the user is opted out, as it’s the same as the api_user_id:
    • Events

  • Confirm you are sending these events
  • reportServed event (for server to server integrations) is fired when recommendations are rendered on the device
  • [optional] reportViewed (for server to server integrations) is fired when the widget is viewed by the user