Disclosures for API Implementation

Disclosure of recommendations generated by Outbrain is required in order to ensure users are
aware that they are using a 3rd party service. Disclosing that Outbrain has recommended links
to a user, presenting an opportunity for the user to review the Outbrain Privacy Policy and
providing an opportunity to Opt Out of Outbrain tracking devices, such as "cookies", is
required by all Outbrain contractual agreements.

The Disclosure Plugin allows you to easily display approved Branding and Disclosures
adjacent to Outbrain recommendations being displayed on your Web Pages. A single click on
the Disclosure Plugin will open a lightbox containing text explaining that recommendation links
are provided by Outbrain and a link to the Outbrain Privacy Policy where users can Opt Out of
Outbrain tracking devices.

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Place the following code for your plugin on your page so that the plugin appears
adjacent to Outbrain Recommendations.