SDK 2.5.2 Download Links

The iOS SDK 2.5.2 release include the OutbrainSDK.framework as well as the Journal sample app in both Objective-C and Swift versions.

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SDK – OutbrainSDK.framework

Journal Sample App (Obj-C & Swift)


SDK 2.5.2

Note: If you are upgrading to SDK 2.5 from an older version, you will be required to make some code changes. Please follow the instructions as described in the upgrade guidelines .
  1. AdChoices support.

  2. Simpler code flow:

    2.1 Removal of Outbrain custom browsers.
    2.2 Unified paid recommendations navigation flow.

  3. Multiple technical improvements, mainly in networking and threads management.

  4. SDK code is updated to support iOS 11.

  5. Sample app supports all iPhone devices (including iPhone X).

  6. GDPR compliance (via click on Outbrain logo).

For full description of the new version please check out the release notes

SDK 2.1.1

Minor Bug fix (memory leak)

SDK 2.1

Adding support for Apple ATS guidelines

For full description of the new version please visit here

Please make sure to follow Apple ATS guidelines for web content:


SDK 2.0

SDK 2.0 contains a comprehensive set of optimization capabilities that will support a better experience and engagement for the app users

Using In-app SFSafariViewController

Opening recommendations (based on an SDK response) with In-App Safari view controller enable Outbrain to serve in-app marketers attribution needs and hence drive additional demand for in-app recommendations while keeping a good user experience.

Widget Viewability Analytics

Adding Outbrain Widget viewability integration to the app widget UI enable Outbrain to optimize the recommendations served for the application and to drive a better engagement.