SDK 2.1.1

Remove Chrome Custom Tabs API level dependency from the SDK code due to API levels stability issues.

SDK 2.0.x

SDK 2.0.x contains a comprehensive set of optimization capabilities that will support a better experience and engagement for the app users

For full description of the new version please visit here

Paid Recommendations Post-click Analytics

Please note: This section is applicable only if you use OBWebView to display web content

Opening recommendations using OBWebView enable Outbrain to optimize the user post-click experience by capturing the paid recommendations post-click loading time and other analytics while keeping the same UX/UI user flow.

Using Chrome Custom Tabs

Opening recommendations (based on an SDK response) with Chrome Custom Tabs enable Outbrain to serve in-app marketers attribution needs and hence drive additional demand for in-app recommendations while keeping a good user experience.

Widget Viewability Analytics

Adding Outbrain Widget viewability integration to the app widget UI enable Outbrain to optimize the recommendations served for the application and to drive a better engagement.

For full description of the new version please visit here

SDK 2.1.1 Download Links

The Android SDK 2.1.1 release include the SDK as well as a Sample App. Also, publishers that implement Outbrain in their app via JS-Widget – will find sample apps for their use case as well.

In the app module’s build.gradle file –> under “dependencies” –> add the line:

compile 'com.outbrain.obsdk:obsdk:2.1.1'

Journal Sample App

JS Widget Sample App

Note: All the links above are secured and protected with user\password. Please contact your account manager in order to be able to use the links below.